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Sleeptek Mattresses on our Floor

We are open! We have disposable pillow and mattress sized germ shields available for use while laying on mattresses. Please feel free to call us at 866.663.0859, text us at 720-730-2839, or email us at
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Sleeptek of Canada was the first organic mattress manufacturer in North America! We adore all of the Sleeptek products…beautifully crafted products everyone loves!  On our floor we show the Kama Flex Float mattress along with both the rubber and wool mattress toppers.  We have the entire Sleeptek line up of bedding including mattress pads and pillows.  Click the links below to view more info and pricing on each individual product.

Kama Flex Float

Wool Topper

Rubber Topper

Yantra Kids Rubber Mattress

Knit Cotton Mattress Pad

Wool Moisture Pad

Pasha Wool Pillow

Pasha Shredded Rubber Pillow